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kart wear

Equip yourself with all the necessary clothing for Karting. Karting suits, boots and gloves as well as underwear, socks and accessories from prestigious brands such as Alpinestars .

Kartwear, Karting clothing | Overalls, gloves, boots | AFB Motorsport


  • Karting suits

    Specific suits for karting with greater resistance against asphalt abrasions. With CIK-FIA Level 1 (leisure) or CIK-FIA Level 2 (national or international competition) approvals.

  • Karting boots

    Karting boots designed and developed specifically for the stress of kart racing. Materials with the highest resistance: leather, suede, technical textile and specific reinforcements to guarantee maximum comfort, touch and safety at the wheel.

  • karting gloves

    Karting gloves are an essential item for kart drivers, as they provide protection and grip during competition. These gloves are designed to offer optimum comfort, allowing maximum freedom of movement for steering, as well as a secure grip on the wheel in any situation. In addition to offering protection against abrasion and wear, karting gloves also help keep hands dry and cool, thanks to their high-quality, breathable construction.

    Karting gloves are a fundamental element in the safety and comfort of the pilot, allowing a more efficient and safe driving during the competition. At AFB Motorsport we have karting gloves from the best brands such as Alpinestars , Sparco , Puma and OMP .

  • karting accessories

    The essential karting accessories, such as rib cages and neck protectors, are essential elements for the safety and comfort of the driver during the competition. The ribs are designed to protect the driver's ribs and sternum during impacts, minimizing the risk of serious injury. Neck protectors, meanwhile, help keep the rider's head and neck in a safe and comfortable position, reducing the risk of injury in the event of an impact or accident. In short, these accessories are essential to ensure a safe and comfortable karting experience for the driver.

    At AFB Motorsport we work with the best brands such as Alpinestars , Bengio and Stilo .

  • Karting Underwear

    The underwear designed for a karting driver is an essential element to guarantee your comfort and safety during the competition. These garments are designed to fit the rider's body, offering a soft and breathable sensation, as well as protecting against friction and excessive sweating.

    Karting driver underwear also helps regulate body temperature, keeping the driver cool and comfortable during the race. In addition, these garments often have an antimicrobial construction, to minimize the risk of infection or skin irritation. It is an essential element to ensure a comfortable and safe driving experience during competition.

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